“The city that never sleeps” or so they say…

My hometown is West Hempstead, NY located in Long Island. I consider it to be one of the bittersweet memories of my life considering I lived there until I was 14 years old and then my life changed. Let me tell you why.

In West Hempstead there are two elementary schools, one big middle school, and an even grander high school. It is the place where you’ll find all types of people from different backgrounds of the world (I mean it is in New York). For this reason, I’ve grown up with the attitude of being open to race, gender, and just listening to people’s stories and trying to understand them before judging them.

Growing up in West Hempstead has also made me cautious about whom I talk to and about what because with such a close-knit community you’ll never really know if someone is your friend or your enemy. I had a circle of good friends that I still keep in contact with now: ,Jasmine, Flex, Regina, and a few others. These people made me love West Hempstead. They gave me memories that I look back on and I’m either like “That was freaking amazing” or “Why did we do that?” because no matter what I wasn’t that old.

With this is in mind, I hated West Hempstead because of small town drama. One person who you didn’t even know you could still know something about you or your family and would be telling your business without you even knowing about it. There was this superficial idea of friendship and it teaches you to be careful who you say anything to because it doesn’t matter how people may take your words in their own interpretation; what matters is that you said the words to begin with.

Overall, I miss West Hempstead and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have had so much fun when I’m home that nothing could replace my level of happiness when I’m surrounded by family and friends.

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