Reader Reviews

“The introduction was good; and helped emphasize on the most important thing’ which is to love yourself unconditionally. I love that! I’m glad that you are showing the importance of truly loving yourself; which everyone needs to do before they can love anyone else.”

“I could most relate to Snapshot Thoughts. The reason is because I often think about all the education I have, then I also think about all the student loans, and wonder, was that a good decision, if I had taken a different route where would I have been in life? Sometimes, it is so draining to think about, I used to always be so worried and depressed, and hopeless about it. Then I changed my mindset, and realized that I needed to be positive and be grateful I have an education, and I had the opportunity to go to college, and start my debt free journey.”

– Bianca Michelle Miller, Accounting Professional, 31, Married


My favorite poem was Playing Chess because sometimes as women we forget how powerful we are. The queen protects the king and without the queen, the game is over. A lot of women need that reminder and I love how bold and confident this poem is.”

– Malecka, Project Accountant, 32, Single


First Date feels like an insight into what goes on in the mind of someone on their first date. It’s not necessarily directly relatable for me since I’m playing it cool, but I wouldn’t doubt that many people would agree that it’s spot on.”

Charmed by a Snake takes the cake for me. I love dark devil allusions and I feel that this one gave me what I wanted. The perfect dark setting with the risk taking character. I liked it.”

– Clyde Dixon, Autoglass Technician, 25, Single