Emerging Fellows

The Beginning

There is so much to say about Emerging Fellows. Where do I start? Goodness. I really loved this program. I found out about it through an email sent out by the Kennesaw State University (KSU) Center for Student Leadership; I immediately interested in developing my leadership and earning a certificate at the end of the program. Since I was a qualifying candidate, I filled out an application the same day. Sure enough, I was called in for an interview with Kyle Winsor, Residence Director, and Amasett Economy, Leadership Coordinator, two people I already knew from completing Project Lead, a series of leadership workshops directed by the department of Housing & Res Life, two years prior. I was thrilled to talk with them about what I had accomplished in the years since we last spoke including putting my leadership skills into practice as Managing Editor of a Magazine, using my presentation abilities in my courses, and furthermore the reasons why I should be a mentor in this new program. A few days later, I received an email confirming that I was accepted into the program. I was completely ecstatic!

Meeting my fellow Fellows

My first Emerging Fellows meeting was pretty casual. We met in a board room and introduced ourselves by name, year, and major. Once we got to know each other, we did an activity that required us to go back and forth across the room based on our level of agreement or disagreement with statements read aloud by Kyle and Ama related to various ethical and moral situations. If we disagreed we would stand on the left, neutral was in the middle, and completely agree was on the right. Once we chose a side of the room, one person from each section was picked to explain why they made their choice. This activity helped us learn about each others’ personalities and experiences and how they influenced the way we saw the world from practical situations to trending topics on social media. It was a fun ice breaker.

True Colors

A few weeks later, we took the true colors test. I’d like to note here that from my personal experience, results may vary throughout the years as you evolve, learn more about yourself, and develop into who you are meant to be in the world.

As of December 2015, I was a blue/orange, which means that at work I have a strong desire to influence others and I am satisfied in positions where I can be independent and be creative. I am harmonious in my relationships with others and seek to be around people like me, who have shared interest and/or qualities. As a child and still growing up as an adult, I am imaginative, react with great sensitivity and learn by doing and experiencing rather than being told what to do or reading instructions.



Unique & authentic

Can act on a moment’s notice

Looking for meaning in life

Generous & impactful

Need to contribute, to encourage, & care

Need for fun, variety, stimulation & activity

I value integrity & unity

I value skills, resourcefulness & courage
Natural romantic, poet, & nurturer

Natural trouble shooter, performer, & competitor


I was inspired by the true colors test because it hit the nail on the head when it came to explaining my personality, who I was, where I came from, and what I valued and needed to be satisfied in life. I believe that anyone who gets the opportunity, should take this test because it really helps an individual understand their “true colors.”

I participated in the FLY Workshops lead by faculty members and students in the Center for Student Leadership at KSU. These workshops did a great job at reiterating some of the things I already knew about leadership, as well as, educating me on new ideas and concepts to further develop my leadership style (service leadership).

Towards the end of the program, I created a presentation for my Emerging Fellow peers about the importance of personal branding and how it relates to the way we act as leaders.

Check out the presentation, here.