Falling (for You): 2007-2017

When I was a teenager, I was on a constant search for love and I had such high expectations of what it was supposed to be like. As I got older, I learned that there were different types of love and every person you fall in love with is not going to treat you or love you the same.

My first love broke my heart into a million pieces and I thought that I would never love again but there was a light at the end of the tunnel. On my journey of love, I learned about who I am , how I love and what I expected in the future.

When I was in college, I experienced my second love. They showed me what unconditional love felt like, remained consistent in their treatment of me and supported my dreams no matter what. They taught me how to love with meaning, heal through forgiveness, and eventually how to let them go.

In this poetic collection, you will find a series of my deepest, most intimate emotions, both good and bad, that emerge from the stages of love in life which evolve as we experience love through the ages from young puppy love to a mature romance.