Interactive Story Review

I did an interactive story review for Zachary Pounds, The Average Life.

The story has a multitude of endings that could occur. In every section or transition of the story, I had an option to make. The story was extremely interactive and moved quickly, which made it easy to use. As a work of interactive fiction, this game offers just enough chances to interact with it.

My favorite thing about this style of writing is that the protagonist is me. Supposedly, I’m a student who doesn’t know what they want to do with their life. I can be an automotive photographer and branding designer and my goal is to make a decision in my career choice that will make me happy and successful in the end. The motivation to make certain decisions over other ones is implied by how much money could be made in the different professions which later turns into making friends, travelling, and making it to the job of my dreams.

The fact that the story moves so fast and it’s so interactive tells me that Zachary put a lot of time in to it and that he has a quick imagination to be able to make all the pieces connect. At first I thought it was going to be boring because it started with only one option but I guess you can’t judge a digital story by its’ first page. It was really good.

I felt like the choices have fair follow up options too. However, there aren’t many consequences for our actions. An example, even though I killed my friend I’m able to just leave the country without any karma or public officials summoning me. Otherwise, the game is very fair. I have so many choices and options. I felt like I really wrote my own story even though I obviously didn’t.

From a style perspective the story is correctly formatted and easy to follow, the story line read smoothly, and overall I had fun creating a story.

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