Reader Reviews

Most of the poems were relatable to at least one part of my life if not several. I feel like as young women we carry a lot [of emotions, responsibility, expectations] and the world doesn’t often take the time to be sympathetic… This poetry book does not remind me of any poetry I’ve read, but it definitely resonated with who I am as a person and young woman.”

– Imani, Blogger, in a relationship, 24 years old


“The introduction has you dive right into the author. It lets you know that there was a lot going on, and gives you a very clear heads up as to what you’re about to read… I loved it! There was so much going on throughout the entire book, but it was controlled enough to keep the reader on track. The end hit hard, and I would label it a “must read” for anyone that has experienced similar struggles, to any degree, throughout their lives…  It is one of a kind for me. I do not normally read many books or poetry, so my opinion is a bit skewed, but I have not read anything similar to date.”

– Clyde, Autoglass Technician, single, 24 years old


C.P.R. is my favorite because you can feel all of the emotions in this poem. I also loved the flow of the poem, so easy, kind of rhymed, has a rhythm to it that can be performed [on stage]. The poem embodies darkness, and then healing, it kind of makes the readers feel like they went through the stages with you.  “reassuring me that everything will be alright” is something every reader wants, that fantasy at the end, with despair at the beginning. The title is great, “CPR”, because so many of us I’m sure just want to pass out, and be brought back to life with something so much better!!!”

– Bianca Michelle, Accounting Professional & Blogger, married, 31 years old


“My favorite poems included: “You’re So Stoic” – the humiliation (and near absurdity) of remaining faithful in an undefined romantic situation is all too relatable; “Sudden Death” – Although I’ve never been clinically diagnosed as bipolar, I felt as if I could visualize a manic-depressive episode as if it were a scene in a movie while reading the poem; “Nightmare” – Whew emotions! An honest and raw (and, personally, triggering) read for anyone who has experienced profound loss. I nearly couldn’t read it for memories of laying my mother to rest and continued through the poem with teary eyes; “Deepest Thoughts” – I figure if I’m ever going to MOVE FORWARD in life, I’m going to have to stop obsessing over the types of crippling and stymieing, existential questions that you present in this piece. Needless to say, I relate to it much too much.”

– Kourtney, Consulting Associate, Caregiver & part-time Wordsmith, single, 26 years old


Seeing stars is my favorite poem. It felt like a hallmark card. Like an old poem that’s been passed for generations to come. Hard to believe it was written in the new millennium from some one born in the 90’s. Doped up on depression was my favorite section. It was relative. It flowed perfectly. It stood out more than any of the other sections right from the title itself.”

– A.T.Lamar (previously “Antwuan Lamar”), Business Leader & Philosopher, single, 29 years old