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Born in Sin, is a fantasy fiction novel series inspired by the works of my favorite best-selling authors, where we met a hopeful gang of supernatural college students attending one of the most exclusive universities for mortals, Lexington Academy. What they don’t know is that the magical mist, keeping their everyday magic use hidden from the mortals will be broken and their powers will be revealed… Without a spell to reverse the damage done, Lenna Dawntree, an amateur dark magic witch, is the magic realm’s only resolve.

Born in Sin: Book 1: of Envy & Lust

A group of young saviors are brought together to tell the story of what once was, what is, and what will happen. These supernatural saviors meet at Lexington Academy where things are rapidly changing before their eyes. A Vampire gone wild, Sirens screeching, and an innocent bystander attacked… What will come next?

Born in Sin: Book 2: of Wrath

It’s a new year and there is a new headmaster in town. Her heels click on the tiles as she walks down the corridor. She’s wearing a navy-blue skirt suit decorated with gold buttons, a white ruffled blouse, and an ocean pearl jewelry set. Her red lips curve into a smile, showing her bright white teeth as she approaches the podium and begins addressing the assembly gathered in the gymnasium. A whisper is heard in the crowd, “There’s something different about her aura… Do you see that?”

The unity that once existed between supernatural and mortal is no longer in place. The mortal students and their families have moved out of town. Things are beginning to change at Lexington Academy and in the magic realm. Protests for the peace treaty to remain in place, end in a battle of smoke, where allies turn into worst enemies. “The savage within shall see the forecast for sabotage ahead.”

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