Jonathan Malone

Jonathan was born in Romania while his family was traveling on holiday. He is the younger brother to a strong, dominant older sister, Shayla. He grew up as a mama’s boy and was spoiled by his mother to the point that his own father was jealous of him. His father despised him for stealing the attention of his wife, Ethan’s own mother. The father became abusive towards the mother as a way of punishing Jonathan and causing a divide in their relationship. Jon’s high sensitivity levels led to his constant failures on the Rosean Obstacle Course. His father, Viktor, was a laughing stock. He was disappointed and ashamed of his son, so he banished Jonathan from their dimension.

During his banishment, Jon learned to take the world a little less seriously. This perspective gave him the ability to be less sensitive to what happens to and around him. Through this reflective period, Jon realized that his family was the cause of his pain and his lost ambition or rather, lack of ambition to begin with. He decided to make allies in the werewolf dimension so they would train him how to fight combatively, hunt, perform archery, and incorporate his fire shooting into the routines. In just a few short months, he had mastered all of his training.

One day, he was reading the local newspaper and noticed a job ad for an armed guard in the Pixie dimension. He applied for the position and was given the job on the spot.

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