Ethan Garrette

When Ethan was born, he killed his mother during childbirth. His father is unknown. Elizabeth’s father, his stepdad, adopted him and raised him as his own. Ethan’s stepfather wants Ethan to be the best man possible and marry early in life to maintain their family’s wealth and legacy. However, Ethan is not for it. He cherishes his playboy lifestyle and all the perks that come with it — expensive cars, lavish clothes, plenty of women, parties and drugs and best of all, no children. Ethan has no plan of settling down anytime soon. He enjoys going on dates in vineyards and travelling all over the world with a different woman in his private jet every weekend. He also has a strong following on social media and plans on reinventing a new playboy era.

He creates an international playboy club app for wealthy, classy gentlemen similar to himself. The member login requirements include things like height to weight ratio, salary and occupation, and ratings in the categories of style, attitude, and attractiveness — all votes are made by women who are synced over from the playgirl club app. When the playboy club got its first 100,000 members, Ethan bought a mansion on the coast of Scotland and named it “the Kitty Castle.” He hosts an invite only V.I.P. event to welcome Platinum Package members to the ultimate player lifestyle and nominate the hottest candidates for the upcoming Kitty Kalendar photoshoot.

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