Elizabeth Garrette

Elizabeth was best friends with her mother growing up. They would go shopping together, play with dolls and board games, and her mom would braid her hair and sing to her every night before bedtime. Everything was wonderful until her mother cheated on her father with a mortal. Her mother was pregnant with the mortal’s child and died during a distressed childbirth procedure. Elizabeth had lost everything she loved. She grew up harboring a strong level of hatred for her little brother, Ethan, who was the cause of their mother’s death. Ethan knew his sister disliked him but he never really understood why. He had marked it off as a typical sibling rivalry and focused on his own life, not interested in making amends for something he didn’t do.

Elizabeth didn’t want to continuously be reminded of what she had lost and decided to move out of her father’s home to get away from Ethan. She got an apartment with her girlfriend and two best friends in the city. They started an abstract dubstep band called Wedding Cake: Elizabeth took the role of lead singer and violinist as “caramel blondie” – Ashley, Elizabeth’s girlfriend, was on bass guitar and piano/electric keyboard, as “red velvet” – Denise on drums as “chocolate tiramisu” – Antonia on lead guitar as “strawberry shortcake”.

Cake Pops became known all over England. They originally started playing at the Jams of Bands club downtown and then entered the battle of the bands where they won first place prize: 80,000 large, an album recording deal, radio interviews and front page of rolling stones 50/60 issue.

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