The Treasured Ones

The Treasured Ones

Treasured Ones, Feb’2015 [print]

September 24th, 2014. That marks the day I lost the gray Lego piece that meant so much to me. I looked for it. I cried about it. I almost lost my temper and threw my phone over it. Now I know what you’re thinking, “All of that over a Lego piece? You have got to be kidding me.” But it wasn’t any ordinary child’s building block.

The piece was a Lego necklace pendant. It was small and grey with a matching piece that when joined together made a heart. I got it for my boyfriend and me in February 2014 for Valentine’s Day. We both wore it every single day. Whenever somebody noticed it and asked me why I had a Lego piece around my neck, my face would light up as I would explain to them the reason.

When I lost my Lego pendant. I was at a breaking point in my relationship. I felt like it was too good to be true. I kept thinking I would lose him though. I had no real idea why. I guess my stress got the best of me between 2 jobs, classes, 3 executive board positions, and being with this guy who made me feel like I was floating on air that would soon be transferring to another university. It was too much to handle all at once.

As I walked into my dorm crying I collapsed on my bed. I screamed into my pillow. I realized even though that helped soothe me it didn’t change my situation so I sat up and wiped away my tears; in my hand was the teddy bear that my boyfriend gave me for Valentine’s Day holding a rose with a smile on its face. “Well at least I still have you.”

Those words in that moment reiterated to me how we come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. So why do we obsess over materialistic things? Our minds associate those things with a certain person, place, and memory giving it sentimental value. If you ask me, it’s overrated.

I’ve grown as a person regardless of that grey Lego piece. It isn’t what made me who I am today. Sometime it’s best to not over think things, wondering why it happened. I’ll never know the difference. I still have the person that means the world to me.

Spend more time with those you truly care about to create a series of memories that last a lifetime and don’t worry about the things that can get lost, stolen, burned, or ruined. Treasure your loved ones like the golden stars that they are.

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