The Discovery of a Gem

The Discovery of a Gem

The Discovery of a Gem!, Sep’2014 [print]

This phenomenal woman from Washington State absolutely gives me life! Her favorite hobbies include tennis and reading. Although she is an extreme pacifist her guilty pleasure is watching MMA as well as UFC fighting.

She is a transfer student, ironically enough from KSU, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, which she plans to help others with by creating comfortable and realistic prosthetics.

While also maintaining her impressive 3.7 GPA, she works on campus as Research Assistant, is a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and is a poly blogger. Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Emerald Alexis.

She started writing as a blogger in April 2014 with her first post titled, “Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you,” where she introduced herself to the virtual world. Her opinion column on the blog site is a series called, ‘LET’S TALK’. That’s exactly what I decided to do.

I had a moment to sit down with Emerald and get to know her even more. I couldn’t help but ask her why she wanted to write for the poly blog. She indicated that she had found out about the position at the very bottom of a Ron Luck email and was immediately interested because she had a blog of her own back in high school.

She was very honest when saying one of her favorite fellow bloggers is Laura Sherman, an Architecture student who has been writing for the blog since February 2013.

Me: “So what is your favorite thing about writing for the poly blog?”

Emerald: “Definitely the freedom and creativity; being able to write about whatever I want to.”

Emerald’s passion shows through her opinionated yet profound words, her imagery, and the way she phrases her post so simply and eloquently to create the perfect rays of sunshine.

My favorite quote of hers is from her post titled, ‘LET’S TALK: EXPECTATIONS.’
“Collect the shattered pieces and build a mosaic, reflecting the pieces of the past and the light of tomorrow.” Everything she wrote about in that post motivated me to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.

If you ever have some free time, you should definitely find out more about her travels, personality, and even family.

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