Study Hard. Work Hard. Play Hard.

Study Hard. Work Hard. Play Hard.

Study Hard. Work Hard. Play Hard, Aug’2014 [print]

Starting college is one of the biggest transitions of your life and I’d like to help you “hit the ground running” so to speak.

Let’s start with school. It’s the reason you’re here at SPSU; to get an education. I know a lot of people have issues with procrastination. Do your assignments as soon as possible and go over them the night before they’re due to make sure they’re ready to turn in. You could also set a deadline of your own and chip away at the assignment so it gets done but you don’t spend one night doing it for a crappy grade. Use your resources: the Career & Counseling Center for professional opportunities and advice, office hours with your professors, and read the bulletin boards for social events, tutoring schedules, and job postings.

I currently work on campus as a student assistant and it is the best job ever. I can do homework while working! But if you work off campus here are some options: work during the day take classes at night or take classes all day 2 or 3 days out of the week then work the other days, the days you have class study at night and the days you work hang out with friends at night and vice versa (for both).

Having a social life is important too. Remember to limit time on social media, go to housing events: they’re fun for making friends, networking, and FREE stuff, have study groups to share ideas and make academics more enjoyable, and merge calendars on your devices between different applications to keep track of happenings.

My biggest advice overall is “don’t spread yourself too thin.” If you begin to feel pressured then communicate with whomever and take a moment to refocus and reenergize. Good luck!

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