Music & Meditation

Music & Meditation

Music & Meditation, May’2016 [web]

I want you to imagine a peaceful place full of flowers, sunshine, and palm trees. The smell of the ocean breeze blows under your nose as you dig your toes into the soft white sand. You inhale the good vibes and exhale the bad ones. There is nothing on your mind. You focus on your breathing to find your inner harmony.

Usually when I meditate I listen to music. I have even created my own energetic playlist full of relaxing instrumental songs from YouTube channels like Beast Koast, Chill and Trap, and Les Vibez. This kind of music tends to vary from bass, trap, electronic, relaxed, and chill vibe moments, but I usually listen to a combination of remixed chill and relaxed bass trap music.

Now that you should have put together a playlist, or at least have some ideas for what to put into a playlist, I can go on to tell you about how meditation works, chakra alignments, and a brief breakdown of hand symbols and breathing sounds. The best way to meditate is from the bottom to the top of your chakras (listed below). Each chakra represents a different part of your spirituality.

Root: the bottom chakra that establishes being physically in a place and creates a feeling of home in situations
– Connect your thumb and index finger, hands facing upward
– Focus point: between your genitals and anus
– Chant sound: LAM

Sacral: your ability to have feelings and express your sexuality
– Put your hands in your lap, right over left with your thumbs touching
– Focus point: lower back
– Chant sound: VAM

Navel: how you assert yourself in a group
– Place your hands on stomach, pointed out with left thumb under right thumb
– Focus point: spine
– Chant sound: RAM

Heart: your sense of love, kindness, and affection
– Connect your thumb and index finger
– Left hand: face down touching your left knee
– Right hand: inward touching your middle breast bone
– Focus point: spine level with your heart
– Chant sound: YAM

Throat: a symbol of self-expression and communication
– Cross your fingers hand-in-hand with thumbs touching at the top in the shape of a circle
– Focus point: base of throat
– Chant sound: HAM

Third Eye: gives you insight and imagination to visualize and display a deeper perception
– This one is complicated to describe (reference image 1.0)
– Focus point: above the point between eyebrows
– Chant sound: OM or AUM

Crown: the top chakra that represents your wisdom and being one with the world
– Hold your hands, right over left with your ring fingers up
– Focus point: top of the head
– Chant sound: NG

This is the information that I used when I first starting meditating in 2008. I continue these techniques twice a week to relieve my stress. Meditation can be considered as part of the yoga genre of fitness and relaxation exercises, but it is unique in itself. My life is so much better when I make the time to meditate with a playlist; whether it’s inside or outside, I have become more free-spirited and understanding of nature as one.

For more information on chakras and meditation, or to take a chakra test to see where your chakras naturally align, please visit:

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