Gender Neutral Restrooms

Gender Neutral Restrooms

Gender Neutral Restrooms, Apr’2016 [web]

As a student who advocates for the basic human rights of all people, it is relevant that I explain the importance of gender neutral restrooms to my fellow peers here at KSU. Restrooms are a place we go to as human beings to take care of our natural bodily functions, so why is gender a factor? Because males and females have different sex organs?

I think it is fair to say that restrooms without a designated gender benefit any individuals who are not comfortable or who face mistreatment when accessing specific restrooms. These individuals can be transgender or gender nonconforming people, people with disabilities or personal attendants, and people with children. We even see the benefits of gender neutral restrooms for everyone when there is a waiting line for one restroom whereas there is no one in the other genders’ restroom.

Kennesaw (view campus map here)

– Science Building: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors
– Math & Statistics Building: ground floor
– Student Center: 2nd floor, across from 5/3rd Bank
– Kennesaw Hall: 1st floor, administration side
– University College: 2nd floor
– Wilson Annex: 2nd floor
– Prillaman Hall: 1st and 2nd floor near NW stairs
– Recreation Center: locker room & restroom near pool entrance

Marietta (view campus map here)

– Student center (A): 2nd floor, near room A215/A216
– Norton: Ground floor, South entrance: at the police station
– Academic (H): 2nd floor
– Engineering & ET (Q): 2nd floor, ME/MET office
– HV100: 1st floor, main lobby
– HV200: 1st floor, main lobby
– Howell: ground floor, main lobby
– Community Center: in the lobby
– University Columns Community Center: main lobby area

If there are restrooms missing from these lists, please tweet to @glbtiqksu with the restroom’s location. For more information, check out the LGBTQ Resource Center website.

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