A Joy That Is… Move-In Day

A Joy That Is…  Move-In Day

Move In Day, Aug’2015 [print]

What I thought was the most glorious day of my life seems like such an insignificant moment now. My high school graduation, May 2012. I was so happy. I remember throwing my cap and tassel in the air, thinking about the new life that awaits me after my last summer being a minor. I remember turning 18 years old and thinking, “Look at me now. Can’t tell me nothing,” as if I was Kanye West or something.
Then there was my college move in day. The moment I had worked so hard for in high school. The moment I swear I waited for since my brother went away to college in 2005. The moment that I knew would change my life. As everyone was filling their cars with luggage, snacks, ramen noodles, bed sheets and comforters, lamps, school supplies, and of course their beloved students who were about to embark on the journey of their lives.

It was a fun and exciting day for me more than a day of labor moving in heavy fridges, boxes, and suitcases. My brother rented a black Chevy Tahoe with tinted windows. It was spacious and made me feel like I was entering campus with the ‘Presidential Secret Service’ status, which was accurate considering my older brother would’ve f***ked up anyone who messed with his baby sister. We parked in front of Hornet Village unlike most people who parked where the stairs where. Oh no no no! My fridge up those stairs? My brother was an RA for 3 years in college. He knew how to pack the car tight and even better how to unload it efficiently.

My room was on the 2nd floor. I can’t remember the room number but I know it when I see it. We finally finished unloading the crap tone of stuff I had. It was time to freshen up the room with some Lysol cleaning wipes, Windex, paper towel, and bed bug spray for the mattress, of course. I met my roommate and her parents. We cleaned the bathroom together since we were in a single and only shared the toilet and shower. There was hair everywhere! It was so disgusting.

*I hope none of you moving in for the first time on campus have had this problem and for those of you who relocated you should know the deal from the first time you moved on campus.*

Anyway, once I was settled in, I decided to show my brother around campus. I was probably the only freshman who knew where everything was on their first day on campus. But that’s really because I was at SPSU two or three times a year for church holiday plays. I studied the campus map during open house and orientation. Plus I was reading The Sting since 2010. That helped me get an idea of campus student life and where people hang out, which was important to me so I could make friends and get involved in student organizations.

Sometimes I miss being a freshman but I realize I’m a freshman every day: I party hard, study hard, and work hard. So “Go Freshmen! Freshmen! Man, I love college!”