Are You the Typical Freshman?

Are You the Typical Freshman?

Fun Quiz, Aug’2015 [print]

Mostly A’s: Barely legal
You are the typical freshman. You don’t know where your classes are and spend way too much money on textbooks that you probably won’t ever need again after the semester is over. You may go to a party or two just to make friends and get out of your dorm, but you can’t really handle your alcohol, so you drink light while wearing some swagged out KSU sweatpants and a graphic tee. You don’t care if you have to walk or take the trolley because it’s so easy and free. Heck yeah!

Mostly B’s: Um?
You are a questionable freshman. You can pass for a junior if you wanted to because of your practicality and thoughtful gestures. You are fun to be around; I mean why else did you make so many friends during orientation? People like your simplicity which, to you, may seem boring, but let’s be real! You’re a cool person to be around. Accept yourself. Others already have.

Mostly C’s: Not a freshman
You are mature for how young you look. You are self-motivated, which can cause you to be a little lazy sometimes. However, you really enjoy Greek life and are contemplating whether you should join or not ,because you already fully understand that sleep doesn’t exist in college. Somehow you manage to balance it all. You are the definition of “work hard, play hard”.

TBH: There is no real definition of a “typical freshman”. Everyone has their own thing that they do and no one is perfect or the same. Just enjoy your college experience!

Welcome to KSU! 😀