Hidden Resources on Campus

Hidden Resources on Campus

Hidden Resources: Oct’2016 [web]

As a senior at Kennesaw State, I’ve learned a lot in my time here. I figured it’s about time I start sharing some of that information with those who may not know the true value of the opportunity that lies ahead of them. Regardless of how many years you have left before graduation, it is important to get involved both on campus and in your local community. There are several ways to do just that.

One way I got involved on campus when I was a freshman was by joining leadership organizations. This gave me the confidence to strive for greatness and give back to those less fortunate. I feel this may be something we all know but take for granted. There is a whole Center for Student Leadership. It gives students the opportunity to find themselves in leadership, whether you’re an RA, a commuter, an introvert, an extrovert, an engineering student, or an artsy student: every student can benefit from this center.

The next group is completely subjective. It’s not meant for everyone, but it is another great way to network and meet people. If you’re a social butterfly looking for long-term friendships and life-lasting connections, I would definitely suggest going Greek. I’m an alumnus of Gamma Phi Beta [Delta Omicron Chapter], and I will always wear my letters on my front because I know my sisters have my back. The unity, pride, and ups and downs of Greek Life are what make it all worth it. It may not always be great, and there are requirements that have to be met, but I’m all for it because it teaches you how to get along with people, disciplines you in your academics, and rewards you with scholarships and parties. But like I said in my disclaimer, Greek life is not for everyone. My biggest suggestion to someone before going Greek is to do your homework! Even if you don’t get to meet everyone in the chapter you’re looking to join (which you won’t), at least you know enough about the organization itself to feel comfortable saying, “I agree with the beliefs and practices of this fraternity or sorority and this is the one for me.”

Now, if you’re looking for a way to leave a legacy on campus, and maybe even get paid, I recommend joining the Student Government Association (SGA) or Student Media. Here’s why: Even if you start as a senator or a writer, both require a lot of time and dedication which could lead to a promotion in status. You could end up the Vice President, President, or even an Editor or Editor-in-Chief: that’s where the money is. That’s not to say that it’s all about the money, though, because it’s not. However, it’s one of the few ways to make a little money while going to leadership conferences, media conventions, making a difference on campus, and doing something you love, whether you’re creating the news or reporting it.

All of these opportunities to get involved come from my own experience, first at SPSU and then later at KSU, and from what people have told me they didn’t know existed at the university. I’m looking to graduate this December, so I’ve been putting together my senior portfolio and realized that I’m overwhelmed with what I’ve accomplished. I’m so proud of myself and others who have experienced the same or similar journey as me, and I couldn’t even imagine what my collegiate career would have been like without the Center for Student Leadership, Gamma Phi Beta, collaborative events and networking with SGA, and the KSU Lifestyle Magazine.

So, to my fellow owls – get involved and make a hoot!