You changed my life
Without you I feel empty

For 3 years
I’ve been kissing while others tell
Ruining my reputation
Ruining what we had

Can’t even have anything good like that again
Missing you
Crying over you

Can’t do this
Because you’re with someone else
I never gave my heart to anyone the way I did with you

But maybe I’ve learned
You taught me how to love
And I don’t want to love anyone else
I mean am I supposed to?
Maybe I need to be taught again

Hopefully one day I can find
Someone to take you off my mind
Someone to remove your name from my heart
And engrave their own from the start
Someone who knows that I’m broken a part…

Into millions of pieces
Who can fix me up with their kisses
Love me down to the alter to say “I do”
To become their missus…

But I don’t know if that’ll ever happen
Because things haven’t been
The same since you left
I’m trying to be a better person…

But no one encourages me like you
No one can love me how you do
And I just keep pushing them all away
because of my fear of messing up

I’m crying over a spilled glass of milk
It’s just an empty cup
Like the empty cavity to my soul
Turned into coal
Hopefully one day I’ll be a diamond