First Date

I’m so glad I ran into you,
Literally and figuratively
You weren’t kidding when you said
you don’t make threats
Because you definitely kept
your promise
Here we are on our first date,
I didn’t even bother to make you wait.

Wondering what your kisses feel like
What your last name is…
I’m looking at you across the table,
Wondering what your game is.
How much do you really like me?
Am I talking too much?
Will we go on another date?
Or is this just bait
For a one-night playmate?

I can’t stand when guys
try to play it cool
I’m not a fool
I wasn’t born yesterday,
and neither were you
Even though your face is baby bottom smooth

I just want to know…
Will you show me your true colors?
I heard you have a girlfriend…
Before I let go
Tell me it ain’t so