Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed

I love bananas and honey
in the morning,
It’s the best part
of a well-rounded breakfast
And the most important meal
of the day

I love a good banana to start my day,
They’re best when they’re firm yet ripe
That means they’re ready
to be peeled back

Bananas with honey
just makes it all the better
Not only do I get my burst of energy
From the delicious potassium inside
but I also get the sweet satisfaction
of tasting the honey on top
Raw honey
doesn’t compare to any other
form of sugar

It’s thick, sticky
running over the banana
Like a glaze…
Sometimes I’ll even
add bananas and honey in my oatmeal,
I gotta get my fiber someway

Damn, I love bananas and honey…
Mm, it is just so good…

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