One In a Trillion

She’s gorgeous beyond explanation
the type of beauty you lust for
Her personality is so distinct
every detail of her takes time to understand
Her skin is more radiant than the sun
a lovely caramel complexion
Her eyes are soulful, full of depth
similar to that of the ocean’s water
Her love is unconditional
continuous like a circle (infinite)
She’s understanding
She would never try to change you
Somehow she’ll make you better
in all aspects of life
She may even cater to you
it’ll be like going to Burger King
you can have it your way
She loves to cuddle
so expect her to stay through the night
Add all this up and you have the Perfect woman
So, yes you’ll be sprung
She’s Ms. Untouchable
Cause really though…
She’s Brittany J. Rosario