Natalia Amoveo

Natalia was born in Jamaica of military parents. She has lived all over America and various parts of the world: 1. Morocco: she rode a camel for the first time and her parents gave orders from the president to the commanders 2. Russia: she learned how to snowboard and had her first alcoholic beverage at 10 years old 3. Japan: she was taught how to fight, drive a manual transmission car, and ate tons of sushi 4. California: she smoked a joint for the first time with her friends at a house party 5. Florida: she became fluent Spanish 6. Chicago: her parents discovered and recruited new members and built an underground training facility 7. New York: her parents bought a house and became reserve members. Unfortunately, they died in the 9/11 crash of the twin towers.

Natalia and her twin brother, David, inherited the house in their parents’ will but they couldn’t live there peacefully knowing their parents were gone. Even though they had become accustomed to moving all the time, they were seeking stability. So, they sold their parents home and moved one last time, to continue their education overseas. They moved to England. Natalia used her shapeshifting skills to custom build indestructible cars for them both; she built a golden Audi S4 B5 for herself and a matte black Subaru sti, for her brother. Natalia couldn’t wait to start classes and showboat her gorgeous customized vehicle in the student center parking lot.

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