Black Excellence Matters – A History of Firsts

This blog is dedicated to my nephew, Kaden and my best friend’s daughter, Malia. I don’t have any children of my own yet but you both have inspired me to create a history of first for African-Americans in America. I gave you the book, “ABC’s for Boys/Girls Like Me,” because even though you know your ABC’s it is important to learn and know what the black men and women before you have accomplished so that in times like this you won’t be afraid of your blackness, you won’t disown yourself or your family because the world has, and instead you will believe in yourself, protect your loved ones, and be the best you can be every single day. I know you won’t be children forever and you’ll have to face society one day, I just want you to be prepared, be resilient, and be compassionate.

I love you both, my black prince and black princess. XXX – Titi B, Brittany.

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