Playboy’s Impact Today

Playboy is known as the most famous and bestselling American men’s magazine in the world evolving from just a magazine to a full-on enterprise including but not limited to — Playboy online, TV, and radio.

Due to growth of a new wave feminism and technological advances, we must ask ourselves is Playboy Enterprises really needed anymore? Or has Playboy run its’ course for content and innovation?

Women are breaking down the walls of traditional gender roles every day and changing the way the society functions and exists as a whole. Meanwhile, the internet is simultaneously working against them with online communities and forums that fetishize certain types of women or support strange and disturbing sexual activity with women, human trafficking is at large, and dating apps like Tinder, Bumble or OkCupid offer society a chance to find love on the go.

So, what is Playboy’s purpose today, if not, sex, culture and music/media?

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Top 10 Most Iconic Playboy Issues

Playboy has expanded since its’ inception in 1953 to the Playboy Club & Playboy Bunny in 1960 to Playboy TV in 1982 and Playboy Fashion in 2002 to the 60th anniversary in 2013. The company has grown from being a conservative entertainment magazine for men to a liberal enterprise with various media outlets that allows all types of women to have a voice free from censorship and embrace their constitutional rights under the first amendment through visual art.

Playboy has changed the game, and continues to be groundbreaking till this day! So, I just want to take a moment to appreciate a little history of Playboy that led us to today.

Check out the Top 10 list of the Most Iconic Playboy Issues in the gallery below:

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The History of Playboy Enterprises

In 1953, writer and illustrator, Hugh Hefner, incorporated HMH Publishing Co. Inc. in Delaware on October 1st. The first issue of Playboy, a men’s adult entertainment magazine, was published in December of that same year with no cover date because Hefner was unsure if there would be a second issue. However, with Marilyn Monroe on the cover page, it sold more than 50,000 copies and set anticipation for more to come.

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Findings on Ashley Graham

Throughout this project, I was always learning something new and things continuously are happening today. My research question is: How does social media affect the way we view the “ideal” female body image? Is there still a conceptual ideology of the female body image or is it slowly fading? Well, according to Ashley Graham, I’d like to think that society is changing for the better and becoming, not only more body positive, but more able to express body diversity. So let’s get to know more about Ashley Graham and how she plays a role in all of the social issues happening now related to the topic of the “ideal” female body image.

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The “Ideal” Female Body Image

Today’s research question is, “What is the ‘ideal’ female body image?” In order to answer that question fully we must first understand the background behind the standards of “ideal” female body image.

Throughout history women have been a subject of interest when it comes to perceptions of “ideal” body image; from wearing corsets for a small waist to being told that smaller breast or broader shoulders are more attractive to being expected to maintain a skinny or toned body and having a tall figure in order to be accepted as a model.

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