Digital Storytelling: My 1st Abroad Experience

In 2015, I spent my summer abroad in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was working as a Marketing Consultant for Portea Medical, one of the largest growing home medical care companies in Southeast Asia. I also took the opportunity to travel to Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia with my older brother.

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Interactive Story Review

I did an interactive story review for Zachary Pounds, The Average Life.

The story has a multitude of endings that could occur. In every section or transition of the story, I had an option to make. The story was extremely interactive and moved quickly, which made it easy to use. As a work of interactive fiction, this game offers just enough chances to interact with it.

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The Prophecy

theprophecy_coverartHere is my first and only interactive fantasy story, The Prophecy. The information I’ve provided in this blog is any background information you might want to read before playing to create your story.

Protagonist: No Name (it’s you). Magical being framed for crime at the age of 17, charged as an adult and sent to prison. This character is released after a 15 year sentence and has no idea how to function in the new society.

Story line: You don’t have a place to stay or relatives who you can live with. You are all alone in a place that is separated by city business owners and rural tribes. You take this all as an opportunity to start over and make the best of a clean slate.

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