Parachute Thoughts: for everyone, 2010-2015

The reason that I started writing this collection was to help me express my deepest, darkest emotions and thoughts through venting on paper. I wasn’t ready to share the worst parts of myself with anyone in the world: from my suicidal thoughts and attempts to hallucinations to domestic abuse.

That all started to change in 2010 when I met a guy who gave me a reason to change my life and better myself. However, I was young and stupid and didn’t appreciate him the way I should have. We broke up and he moved on.

In 2012, I started drinking. It wasn’t bad at first; mostly just social drinking at frat parties but then I found myself drinking hard liquor and smoking hookah just to get through studying and homework assignments. This continued until I met the second love of my life who made me feel like I was on a pedestal. I couldn’t let him know about my addictions so I quit both cold turkey. I gave away my private stash of alcohol to friends around campus and sold my hookah. I was done for good.

Two and a half years later (May 2015), we officially stopped dating. It was a mutual understanding to just go our separate ways emotionally. By this point, I started reflecting on life; and perfect enough it was my first trip overseas. During that two month venture, I explored my sexuality and my spirituality in order to truly love who I am and establish a piece of mind.

As you can see, I went through a lot but I’m happy to be at a point in life where I can finally air out these frustrations and let them go. This collection will be published for purchase in Spring 2018.