Published Work

I am a naturally abstract and artistic person so creative writing comes easy to me. I could sit at my surface all day writing about anything that come to my mind’s eye.

I grew up writing poetry that used metaphors, similes, alliteration, and symbolism as a way to code the emotions that I couldn’t openly share with others.

As I got older, I found myself reading fantasy fiction novels to escape from reality. My favorite series was The Immortal Series by Alyson Noel, an inspiring love story between a supernatural and a girl who thought she was an ordinary human being. You couldn’t have paid me to put down those books! I would cry, laugh, be confused, and even got left on a cliff hanger a few times until the next book in the series was published.

The strong emotions and memories evoked when thinking about The Immortal Series now that I’m older is what inspired me to write my own fantasy novel series based on supernatural beings who represent the seven deadly sins. These characters live in a multidimensional world, including the Academy where they all meet. The series will be seven books of adventurous tales, soul searching, love, and even death.

As I’ve learned the ways of writing and the ways of love, I realize that my creative process has no time limit and that it can not be rushed. I have decided to share my deepest thoughts in a Poetic Collection called Falling For You with Book 1: Falling For You, Book 2: Parachute Thoughts & Book 3: Grounded (in Love).

Also. check out my published magazine articles in The Peak: KSU Lifestyle Magazine.