Patois: Language or Dialect?

Patois was developed in Jamaica when slaves were brought from Africa to the island. The language started as a coded dialect that slaves created as their own form of English so that the slave owners wouldn’t understand what they were talking about. The attractive, yet confusing dialect has grown into a language of strong culture and creates pride in the people of Jamaica. Until this day it is a uniting force between Jamaican people all over the world.

Rumors have been spread by various ethnic people who say Patois isn’t considered an ‘official language’. However, Jamaicans will say otherwise. The argument is that since Patois is just a form of English, then is it really a Creole language? There are varying forms of Creole across the Caribbean which causes people to believe that Patois should be viewed as a dialect, not a language. Interviews were conducted to clear up these rumors and assumptions that people have about the Jamaican language and culture. Well, let’s check out the results!

If you would like to learn more about Patois or read the details of the interviews I conducted, please read the full version report: The Creation of Language through Revolution