RuPaul’s Celebrity Drag Race

In this special four-episode event, three different RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favorite celebrities are challenged with being given a drag transformation. Their drag mothers, played by previous Drag Race stars, teach them the basics of getting into drag and owning the stage. Then the celebrities battle it out in classic competitions (known as “maxi challenges”) for the title of America’s Next Celebrity Drag Superstar as well as win $30,000 in prize money for a charity of their choice.

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My Coming Out Story

When I was in second grade who I had the biggest crush on this girl in my art class named Chelsea. One day after school, she pulled me aside to the end of a hallway near a stairway and kissed me on the cheek. I was surprised when she told me that she liked me too. I didn’t expect it at all. This was great news though. The only down side was that she transferred schools shortly after.

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The Future of Gender Neutral

When I was in college, I took a course called “Feminist Philosophy.” I found myself looking through some old essays and projects when I came across a hypothetical scenario that asked us to describe what society would be like if gender neutral was adapted as a social norm. I remembered this day in class, the other students proposed their ideas of what it would look like considering that gender norms would no longer exists, how women and men would now be viewed as human instead of gendered, how the fashion industry would change, how economics and politics would change for both the better and for worst because some people like change while others are stubborn to it. This one hypothetical brought about a conversation of unity, humanity, and belonging.

The acceptance of gender neutral as the social norm could change the world as we know it. It made me wonder if we would become more humane or if we would just find something else to disagree with.

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He Said, She Said, They Said: The Importance of Pronouns

He said, she said, they said, ze said, xe said, it said, I said, we said, whoever said what they said when they said it, must be addressed properly by the pronoun that they, ze, xe use for identification. Most people tend to judge a person’s gender by their own assumption of biological sex based on physical appearance. However, that is not the best way to identify other human beings.

Let’s start with the a basic understanding: There is a difference between gender and sex. If you don’t know the difference, then you’re about to get educated. “Gender” is how you identify yourself, whether it is masculine, feminine, non-binary or gender fluid. “Sex” is based on your biological, reproductive organs: male = penis and female = vagina + enlarged breasts. Continue reading “He Said, She Said, They Said: The Importance of Pronouns”

History of the Human Rights Campaign

In 1980, one of the most exemplary nonprofit organizations was established, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Their mission statement is to end discrimination against LGBTQ+ citizens and realize a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all. The HRC continues to make strides in accomplishing this mission statement by providing a strengthening system of support, employment, and advocacy to the revolution of gender identity and sexual orientation. The HRC has a well-known national presence and has been paving the way for the last 40 years.

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The Stonewall Uprising

History of the Stonewall Inn

In the mid-1960s, the Genovese crime family owned most of the gay bars in Greenwich Village, NYC. In 1966, they purchased the Stonewall Inn (a “straight” bar and restaurant at the time), renovated it, and reopened it the next year as a gay bar.

Stonewall Inn was registered as a type of private “bottle bar,” which did not require a liquor license because patrons were supposed to bring their own liquor #BYOB. Patrons had to sign their names in a book when entering the club. The Genovese crime family was infamous for bribing NYPD to ignore activities occurring within the club. The club welcomed drag queens, it was a night home for LGBT runaways and homeless youth, and allowed dancing (which was not common for gay bars at the time).

Nonetheless, getting raided by the police was per the usual. Corrupt cops who were bribed would normally tip off the Mafia owned bars and clubs, which allowed them time to stash alcohol being sold without a liquor license and hide or remove any other illegal activities. But the night/early morning of the Stonewall Uprising was something completely unexpected.

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Lost-n-Found Youth in Atlanta, GA

A major problem within the LGBTQIA community is that families and friends aren’t always as supportive and accepting as we would think they would be. This leads to interpersonal conflict through political debates, personal opinions, and can cause psychological trauma to the LGBTQIA individual involved because they feel unloved and shunned by the people closest to them. The issue that follows is homelessness.

The homeless LGBT rates have shot up making it difficult to find shelters that accept and respect them. These LGBT individuals experiencing homelessness are often at a heightened risk of violence, abuse, and exploitation compared with their heterosexual acquaintances. According to the National Homeless website, 40% of the homeless youth served by agencies identify as LGBT individuals and out of that 40% only a short percentage of them are eligible for the services as listed below:

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