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When I was in college one of my favorite events of the year was the TedX Conference. This was where speakers from other parts of the state/country, professors, and even students would come together and share their experiences in life through giving a speech to a stadium of people. These speeches varied in topic from informative (“how to get your ideas spread”), thought provoking (“do schools kill creativity?”), business oriented (“the crisis of leadership and a new way to find it”) and so many more [psychology, technology, social change, design, art, science, health, education]. Below is a gallery with links to some of my favorite TedTalks by some really amazing people. Check it out and get inspired!



There are a ton of podcasts to listen to these days whether it be on iTunes, Stitcher, or by individual radio station or website. But only the most captivating story lines become mainstream and are popularized by listeners. Check out some of my favorite podcast series below:


Motivational Music & Speeches