Politics: Trump’s First 100 Days

In today’s society the media has a bigger influence than almost any other time in history considering our technological advances like social media, digital and print news articles, and various blog sites like my own and others that post their opinions about what’s happening in the world. With that in mind, our current President Donald J. Trump (and no the ‘J’ doesn’t stand for “Jackass”) has a habit of calling the news fake when he doesn’t approve or agree with the reality that is the good ol’ U.S. Anyway, his handle on the presidency role isn’t going well from a leadership perspective between the comments he makes on twitter, the way he talks about issues during speeches, his tone, his hand gestures, and even his overall attitude. How can we be so accepting of such an idiot? Well, it happens and not everyone thinks he’s an idiot. Although some may beg to differ. Check out this clip from The Simpsons that illustrates a satirical overview of Trump’s First 100 Days in Office.

I love The Simpsons. They have predicted multiple hypothetical situations in American History and made them satirical. The sad part is that with Trump, there is no exaggeration for comedic affect. This man is really just that ridiculous in character. Next, I’d like to present a video by one of my favorite Comedy Central political comedians, Trevor Noah; who talks about how the First 100 Days Milestone is another presidential tradition that Trump is choosing to ignore.

Wow, that was one serious reality check. Trump hasn’t accomplished much of his presidential to do list since he’s been in office. I guess this is what happens when a questionably “successful” business man becomes President of the United States. He clearly has no idea what he’s doing or how our governmental system even work. He’s just like, ‘yeah I won! Now let’s start planning for that second term!’ When in reality he’s done nothing but rallied people up against each other. Trump is just an instigator with really small hands and a robotic rhythmic voice.

Lastly, to support my thoughts and allegations on how little Trump has accomplished, check out the video below from the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

So, there you have it, folks. The First 100 Days of a country that’s soon to be in ruins. Good luck and talk to you later, fellow citizens and bloggers of the world.

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