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 16 Personalities Test | The Fun

Are you an analyst, diplomat, sentinel or explorer? Let’s find out. The 16 personalities test was invented by Sabel Myers and Katharine Briggs as a way to categorize an individual according to their preferred way of thinking and behaving. Each personality type is designated with a four-letter code.

The 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership | The Good

Leadership is not a fad. It’s a fact. It’s not here today, gone tomorrow. It’s here today, and here forever. Leadership makes a difference. Try naming one significant movement that wandered leaderless into the history books. And leadership matters most in times of uncertainty. The study of leadership is the study of how men and women guide us through adversity, uncertainty, hardship, disruption, transformation, transition, recovery, and new beginnings. Challenge is the opportunity for greatness. Given the daunting challenges we face today, the potential for greatness is phenomenal. Leadership matters.

Politics: Trump’s First 100 Day | The Bad

[May Day Special]

In today’s society the media has a bigger influence than any other time in history considering our technological advances like social media, digital and print news articles, and various blog sites like my own and others that post their opinions about what’s happening in the world. The term “fake news” has been coined by our current President, Donald J. Trump and it’s an influential phrase that takes credibility away from the media. He does this to heighten his own authority as President (even though he doesn’t have to). I guess that’s what happens when you’re insecure about a position you don’t deserve.